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Welcome to the website of the biology unit at Osnabrück University! Our research activities cover a wide range of biological disciplines. Our range of courses includes both research-oriented and teaching-oriented courses, in which basic principles from the entire spectrum of biology are taught.

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Morphology and evolution of multicellular animals: new zoology textbook by Osnabrück Biology researchers


In the course of evolution, multicellular animals or "metazoa" have colonised almost all habitats on our planet. In a new textbook, the Osnabrück biologists Achim Paululat and Günter Purschke (RG Zoology) show, with the help introductory texts and almost 500 photos, how animals are structured, which organs they possess and how the species, so different at first glance, are related to each other in evolutionary terms.

Getting to know each other: kick-off meeting of the Research Training Group of our new Collaborative Research Centre


The PhD students of the new Collaborative Research Centre 1557 "Functional Plasticity Encoded by Cellular Membrane Networks" recently had plenty of time for exchanging ideas and getting to know each other. During a three-day kick-off meeting of the Integrated Research Training Group, exciting lectures and workshops as well as joint activities were on the agenda - including a visit of an alpaca farm.

Nanomaterials meet membrane biology: Interdisciplinary research training group granted


Great success for CellNanOs researchers: the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund the research training group "nanomaterials@biomembranes" with 6.9 million euros starting in October 2023. The initiative supports PhD projects at the interfaces of nanomaterials synthesis, chemical surface functionalization, and membrane biochemistry and biophysics - and offers "outstanding opportunities to qualify for interdisciplinary research fields that are currently emerging between biology, chemistry, and physics," says the consortium's designated spokesperson, Prof. Dr. Jacob Piehler.

Excursion to the Gülper Lake and the Havelland Luch: Eagles, bustards and hoopoes


Once again this year, Osnabrück Biology students explored the wildlife at 'Gülper See' (Gülpe Lake) as part of an excursion by the research group Zoology-Developmental Biology (head: Prof. Dr. Achim Paululat). They spotted not only many impressive birds, but also some bats. The starting point for all daily observation tours was the Ecological Station of the University of Potsdam in Gülpe.

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Chromosome segregation and spindle checkpoint signalling – its a cooperation not a competition

Talk by: Francis Barr and Ulrike Gruneberg, Oxford
Location: CellNanOs, 38/201
Start: 08.06.2023, 16:15

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Our research profile covers a wide range of biological disciplines. Here you will find an overview of the different research groups.


Our curriculum includes both research and teaching-oriented courses that teach fundamentals from across the spectrum of biology.

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At the "Osnabrücker Wissensforum", researchers from the university answer questions from interested citizens. Here you can find a selection of contributions of Osnabrück Biology scientists.

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For many years, the Biology unit at Osnabrück University has supported schools in designing modern biology lessons with the two projects "Explain-OS" and "NaT-Working-OS".