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Vortrag von Luca Scorrano

Luca Scorrano

Luca Scorrano

Vortragstitel: "Keeping mitochondria in shape: a matter of life and death"
Anlass: Sondertermin SFB Seminar
Host: Katia Cosentino
Beginn: 02.06.2022 - geänderte Zeit, jetzt um 12:00 Uhr
Ort: CellNanOs 38/201

Über den Vortragenden: Luca Scorrano forscht an der Universität Padua zum Thema Apoptosis und mitochondriale Pathophysiologie.

Inhalt des Vortrags: In the last years, mitochondrial ultrastructural and morphological changes have been implied in the control of several physiological and pathological changes, including the progression of apoptosis, inflammation, differentiation, tumorigenesis. However, the role of mitochondrial dynamics in the control of complex cellular cues and in response to reversible and irreversible cellular damage is not yet clarified. We will overview the key experiments that shed light on the role of mitochondrial shape and ultrastructure in cell physiology, pathology and in disease and offer a personal perspective on the missing pieces of the puzzle that await to be studied.