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Vortrag von Harekrushna Sahoo

Vortragstitel: "Effect of Crowding Environment on Protein Conformation and Dynamics"
Anlass: GDCh-Kolloquium
Beginn: 24.10.2023 - 17:00 Uhr
Ort: CellNanOs, 38/201

Über den Vortragenden: Prof. Dr. Harekrushna Sahoo Department of Chemistry forscht am National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela, Sundergarh Odisha, Indien.

Inhalt des Vortrags: Protein folding, the issue of protein stability and dynamic perturbations, is one of the fundamental importance in the living cell and the biological activities While the polypeptide chain folds with the help of chaperone in the ribosome, the cytoplasmic component (which includes both micro and macromolecules) influences the protein folding pathway and their dynamics To understand their effect on the folding and dynamics, it is very much essential to monitor the effect of each component on the protein local as well as global structure and conformation Taking a note from the cytoplasmic constituents, we have started observing the effects exerted by the macromolecules, such as carbohydrates (i e glucose, sucrose, fructose or the synthetic ones like Dextran, Ficoll and Cyclodextrin which has an approximate concentration of 300 to 400 mg/ml in the cytosol of Escherichia coli and constitutes 20 to 40 of the total volume, on the nature of the folding intermediates Starting with our objective, we are trying to see how the shape and size of macromolecule bring changes in the conformation and dynamics during the protein unfolding and refolding processes using optical spectroscopy methods.