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Katia Cosentino und Florian Fiebelkorn mit ihren Urkunden im Botanischen Garten


Awards for Good Teaching: Two Nominees from Osnabrück Biology

How well is research integrated into the courses? Are modern media used sensibly? What about feedback and supervision? These are some of the criteria for the Hans Mühlenhoff prizes for academic teaching. Prof. Dr. Katia Cosentino and Dr. Florian Fiebelkorn, two members of our department, were among the nominees this year.

On June 17, 2022, after a one-year break, Osnabrück University and the Hans Mühlenhoff Foundation again awarded a main prize and a Young Academics prize for good teaching. The awards, which are endowed with 3,000 and 1,500 euros, are granted in a two-stage process: First, students nominate lecturers, then a student jury chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs decides who receives the prizes.

Two scientists from Osnabrück Biology were nominated for the Young Academics prize this year: In their justification, the students credited both Katia Cosentino (RG Molecular Cell Biophysics) and Florian Fiebelkorn (RG Biology Didactics) for exceptional commitment to teaching and excellent supervision. In addition, they praised Katia Cosentino for her distinctive ability to motivate, her interdisciplinary expertise, and the structured nature of the courses she taught. In Florian Fiebelkorn's teaching, they particularly emphasized the high degree of interactivity, the incorporation of his own practical experience as a biology teacher in various school formats, and the open manner in which he interacts.

The nominees are very happy about the appreciation expressed by the students, even though the jury ultimately chose a different winner: This year, the Young Academics prize went to Dr. Philipp Schäfer from the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (main prize: Prof. Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff, Institute of Philosophy).

Here you will find further information about the Hans Mühlenhoff prizes.