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Finding your way through the journal jungle: position paper offers guidance

At the end of a scientific investigation stands the publication of the results in a scientific journal. However, the number of journals has increased massively in recent years – and not all of them are of high quality. Members of the DFG Review Board 203 Zoology have addressed this problem in a position paper, in which they also offer guidance in the selection of a high-quality journal.

Dear all,

„publish or perish” – we all know that phrase very well. But do we agree in what journal we should publish to gain the appropriate recognition? This question has become more open than it had been before since the publication system has been changing in such a dynamic way. Members of the DFG Review Board 203 Zoology have put together some thoughts on choosing journals for publication and how to counteract the tsunami of new journals of questionable quality. Rather than giving answers in the form of lists or rankings, our thoughts are meant to start a discussion in the community and we are happy to get your feedback.

Feel free to distribute the paper within your networks.

Best regards,

Achim Paululat, Member of the DFG Review Board 203 Zoology

Download position paper