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Scientific exchange in summery weather: First international symposium of the Collaborative Research Center 1557

On September 6th and 7th, the first symposium of the Collaborative Research Center 1557 "Functional plasticity encoded by cellular membrane networks" took place in Osnabrück. In summery temperatures, about 100 participants met in the Bohnenkamp House of the Botanical Garden for scientific exchange. Following the kick-off meeting of the PhD students in May, it was the first event of the research network launched in January with an international audience.

Under the title "Membranes and the lipid code", the organizers Prof. Christian Ungermann (SFB spokesperson, RG Biochemistry), Prof. Florian Fröhlich (RG Bioanalytical Chemistry), Dr. Lars Langemeyer (RG Biochemistry) and Dr. Matthijs Kol (RG Molecular Cell Biology) invited not only the members of the SFB but also external scientists who, among other things, had been entrusted with reviewing the new Collaborative Research Center in the past. Due to the pandemic, they had not yet had the opportunity to see Osnabrück Biology on site. On the second day of the symposium, all those interested were able to catch up on this during a guided tour of the Center for Cellular Nanoanalytics (CellNanOs), which, as the core infrastructure, is an important hub of the SFB's research.

Prof. Dr. Alf Honigmann, TU Dresden

A total of 16 speakers presented their scientific results in a lecture during the two-day symposium, including eleven invited guest speakers. Another four presentations were given by junior research group leaders Dr. Dovile Januliene, Dr. Ayelén González Montoro (both Osnabrück University), Dr. Caroline Barisch (Research Centre for Kappelhoff (RG Molecular Cell Biophysics, Osnabrück University) presented her research on "Structure and Regulation of GSDMD Pores at the Plasma Membrane".

Shirin Kappelhoff (RG Molecular Cellular Biophysics, Osnabrück University)

Other PhD students associated with the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the Collaborative Research Center got the chance to present their research to the international audience on posters during the symposium.

The participants praised the relaxed, collegial atmosphere in which a lively scientific exchange took place. The nice weather and the good catering did the rest to make the SFB symposium a successful start for the collaboration within the Collaborative Research Center.

Guest speakers:

  • Giovanni D’Angelo, Genf
  • Francesca Bottanelli, Berlin
  • Ulrich Brandt, Nijmegen
  • Oliver Daumke, Berlin
  • Rumiana Dimova, Potsdam
  • Robert Ernst, Homburg
  • Alf Honigmann, Dresden
  • Xiaoxia Liu, Shanghai
  • Stephan Sigrist, Berlin
  • Thomas Wollert, Paris
  • Qing Zhong, Shanghai

Here you can find further information about the event.

The Collaborative Research Center 1557 addresses the question of how membranes and their lipid code control the plasticity of membrane proteins - and how, in turn, membrane properties are maintained and adapted in response to the environment. Further information about the SFB 1557