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A young person looks through a microscope.


A taste of university spirit and plenty of information: The HIT 2023 at Osnabrück Biology

On November 23, it was that time again: the university information day (HIT) invited interested pupils to find out more about biological research and teaching at Osnabrück University. Participants were offered a varied program of information lectures, hands-on and experimental stands as well as guided tours around the state-of-the-art CellNanOs research building.

Osnabrück Biology opened its doors again this year on University Information Day: From 9 a.m. until the early afternoon, pupils were able to find out about the wide range of study programs on offer. Do I want to study biology? They were able to get to the bottom of this question with the help of information lectures, personal advisory services, experimental stations and an exciting guided tour of the biology research building, CellNanOs.

A man is standing in front of pupils sitting on chairs and is giving a lecture.

How is a biology study program structured and what opportunities are there on the job market after graduation? Academic advisor Dr. Langemeyer has good news: There are many different fields of work for biologists these days with good career opportunities!

Three young people work with a pipette.

The numerous hands-on stands allowed the pupils to gain their first practical experience with the laboratory equipment. Pipetting exercises and the creation of a color change series were required here.

Young people hold tubes sealed with plugs in their hands.

Here the pupils were able to take a closer look at fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) and experience the effect that temperature-sensitive mutations have on their physiology.

Petri dishes lie on a table. One is illuminated and its contents glow.

Non-pathogenic bacterial cells that fluoresce in different colors magically create colorful images on growing plates.

There are models of molecules on a table with pupils standing in front of them. A person on the other side points to a small bowl.

What do I need to identify the structure of a protein? The procedure for such an experiment is explained here as well as the necessary microscopy equipment.

Several people are standing in front of a large device, one man is pointing at it with an outstretched arm.

During a guided tour of the CellNanOs research building, the pupils were able to admire the powerful cryo-electron microscope, with which these images can be obtained, at close range.

We were delighted to welcome the interested visitors and hope that we will see some of them again as students on our campus!

A video with impressions from the HIT 2023

All information for prospective students at a glance