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Studierende während der Experimentellen Übungen © Achim Paululat

Biology students prepare cells and then stain the chromosomes in the cell nuclei.

Zellen in Färbelösung, © Achim Paululat

Slides with cells in staining solution (orceiacetic acid). At 60 °C on the warming table, the chromosomes stain in a few minutes.

Mikroskopische Aufnahme eines Mitosepräparates, © Achim Paululat

Microscopic image of a mitosis preparation from the exercises in winter semester 21/22. Who discovers cell divisions?


Teaching in the pandemic: Experimental course can take place on site

What is a spectrophotometer and how do I operate it? How do I determine the amount of protein in a sample? How do I create a calibration curve? Within the framework of the course "Experimentelle Übungen", Osnabrück Biology students acquire basic experimental skills in the first semesters of their studies. Thanks to an appropriate hygiene concept, this is possible despite the Corona pandemic.

To grasp something – as the word suggests – it is best to do it yourself. Therefore, the Osnabrück Biology lecturers are pleased that, while adhering to the safety concepts carefully worked out by the university, the practical training is possible. This gives our new students the chance to familiarize themselves with various devices. In this way, they can benefit from the good equipment in the modern course rooms: "The Biology department at the University of Osnabrück has first-class course microscopes," says Prof. Dr. Achim Paululat, head of the Zoology group. "But setting up a microscope correctly first needs to be learned."

In addition to learning how to use a microscope, students learn how to work with pipettes and pH meters, as well as how to operate photometers, centrifuges and many other instruments commonly used in the laboratory. In addition, the curriculum includes small-scale experiments directly from the laboratories of the biology research groups. This also involves the acquisition of essential skills that go beyond purely practical activities: for example, the careful scientific analysis, evaluation and graphical presentation of the data collected.