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Group photo from the IRTG retreat on Borkum, © Jan-Hannes Schäfer | Osnabrück University


Plenty of room for exchange: IRTG retreat on Borkum

From 3. to 6. November 2021, the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the Collaborative Research Centre 944 held a retreat on the North Sea Island Borkum. A total of 39 PhD students presented their scientific work and used the time to exchange ideas with other researchers.

In addition to the PhD students, 17 research group leaders and junior research group leaders of the Collaborative Research Centre as well as five postdocs took part in the retreat. Moreover, eight other researchers were invited to report on their work: Martin Aepfelbacher, Stefan Linder and Aymelt Itzen (UKE Hamburg), Margret Bülow and Dagmar Wachten (University of Bonn), Martin Graef (MPI for Biology and Ageing), Sharon Tooze (Francis Crick Institute London) and Rifka Vlijm (University of Groningen).

Apart from scientific talks and poster presentations, there was plenty of room during the retreat to make contacts and discuss in a relaxed atmosphere. For instance, the PhD students had the chance to talk about their scientific future with the invited speakers during extra time slots. In addition, all participants got to socialise with each other at the evening get-together – and could test their knowledge in a pub quiz.